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Peoria Councilmembers Patena, Hunt, and Finn Support Binsbacher for Mayor

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Long-time elected officials with proven track record join with Mayor Carlat to back Binsbacher

PEORIA (January 24, 2022) – Momentum continues to build for Bridget Binsbacher as the “Bridget for Peoria” committee announced today that current Peoria Vice Mayor Bill Patena, Mayor Pro Tem Vicki Hunt, and Councilmember Mike Finn have joined Mayor Cathy Carlat in support of Bridget Binsbacher’s bid for Peoria Mayor. The Peoria City Council have a proven track record of success including earning recognition as “2021 Best Place to Live, Work and Play” from Ranking Arizona and earning a AAA bond rating from Moody’s for strong fiscal management.

Ironwood District Councilmember and Current Vice Mayor Bill Patena explained, “Peoria has an amazing quality of life and a well-functioning government because we have a council that works well together. I have been pleased to work with Bridget Binsbacher on council and endorse her effort to become our next mayor. Together, we have built an amazing park system, preserved open space and trails, and attracted amazing economic opportunities. Bridget is a strong, committed leader who can help build on our success and continue the collaborative environment that has served our council so well for several years.”

Acacia District Councilmember and current Mayor Pro Tem Vicki Hunt stated, “I have worked closely with Bridget Binsbacher while we have been on council together and I know that she cares about ALL of Peoria. She recognizes that different parts of the city have unique needs that must be addressed – some areas are facing rapid growth while others need renewal and increased public safety. Bridget understands this and is ready to get to work on day one. I am pleased to offer my support.”

Councilmember Mike Finn, who has served the Palo Verde District for the past eight years, touted Binsbacher’s financial experience saying, “It has been my honor to serve with Bridget Binsbacher on the Peoria City Council. Together we have fought to protect the taxpayers and support fiscal discipline. Bridget’s conservative approach to the city budget has made a huge difference in maintaining fiscal responsibility in Peoria. Taxpayers can count on Bridget Binsbacher to stand up for them when it comes to their tax dollars. Join me in supporting her for the next mayor of Peoria.”

During her time on Peoria City Council, Bridget Binsbacher and her fellow council members have worked hard to attract jobs and economic opportunities. Peoria’s labor force commuting to jobs in other cities is down to 69 percent from nearly 90 percent a few years ago. In addition, Peoria has welcomed three hospitals, one on its way, and is now home to more than 350 medical businesses.

Binsbacher has also fought hard for fiscal responsibility and is a firm believer in conservative local government that is dedicated to transparency and protecting the taxpayers. This diligent fiscal leadership was key to Peoria’s weathering of the Great Recession. Where other cities faced drastic budget cuts, Peoria was able to maintain its high service levels.

Councilmember Bridget Binsbacher stated, “I am honored to be a part of a team that works well together on behalf of the residents of Peoria. Our city is heading in the right direction because of their hard work. I have been so privileged to work and collaborate with such a respected group of individuals who share the same motivation to protect Peoria’s quality of life by finding the best solutions to issues facing our community. I will continue to fight hard for the issues that matter most to Peoria as your Mayor.”

About Bridget Binsbacher

Bridget Binsbacher has lived in the Northwest Valley for more than three decades dedicating her time to public and community service. Bridget was elected to serve on the Peoria City Council in March of 2015 and re-elected in 2016 and 2020. As an elected official, she has served two terms as Vice Mayor and has fought hard for fiscal responsibility, accountability, balanced budgets, and no tax increases.

Bridget Binsbacher has been recognized as a respected leader in both the public sector and professionally. She serves as the Executive Director of the Arizona Cactus League Baseball Association supporting Spring Training, which is one of Arizona and Peoria’s largest economic drivers. Bridget has been recognized as 2021 AzBusiness Leaders – Top Five Tourism Leaders of Arizona, 2019 AzBusiness Leaders – Most Influential Women in Arizona, and 2016 Arizona Who’s Who – Top Five Women in Business Leaders of Arizona. She is also a Paul Harris Fellow recipient and a West Valley 24 Mover and Shaker.

She has more than 20 years of professional experience in the finance industry with a wealth of knowledge in operations management, sales management, and business development. Bridget joined the Peoria Diamond Club as a Board member in 2006 and led the organization to new heights after being named Executive Director in 2008.

Bridget Binsbacher has utilized her business background and commitment to public service to bring trust, honesty, and conservative principles to the Peoria City Council. She has fought hard to hold the line on property taxes, promote fiscal responsibility, improve public safety, collaborate with citizens to build Paloma Park, and improve the overall quality of life throughout Peoria. Regionally, Bridget has also represented Peoria on Maricopa Association of Governments Transportation Policy and Human Services Committees.

In 2021, she joined the Arizona Municipal Water Association’s Board of Directors. She also serves her community by volunteering with charitable organizations, currently serving on the Peoria Education Foundation, and previously with the Alzheimer’s Association and Peoria Chamber of Commerce. Her husband, Jon, is a fire captain and paramedic in the Northwest Valley of Arizona. They live in Peoria and have four children.

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