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Issues that matter most...

As your Mayor, Bridget will focus on the issues that matter most…..

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Protect our quality of life

I am honored to be a part of a team that works well together on behalf of the residents of Peoria.  Mayor Carlat has provided strong leadership, and fostered a spirit of cooperation and collaboration that has helped our city to be consistently at the top of nearly every list when it comes to important quality of life metrics.  I will continue that leadership to protect our quality of life and find the best solutions to issues facing our community.

Support fiscal responsibility and control city spending

As a Councilmember, I have fought hard for fiscal responsibility, accountability, balanced budgets, and no tax increases.  I am a firm believer in conservative local government that is dedicated to transparency and protecting the taxpayers.  We have held the line on taxes and found ways to do more with less.  I will continue to do so as Mayor.

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Attract jobs and strengthen Peoria’s economy

During my time on the Peoria City Council, we have worked hard to attract jobs and economic opportunities, including high-wage employers and small businesses, to our city. Since joining the council Peoria has welcomed 3 medical facilities and is home to more than 350 medical businesses. Our Peoria labor force commuting to jobs in other cities is down to 69% from nearly 90% just a few years ago.  

Support Public Safety 

Keeping the public safe is the number one priority of local government.  This isn’t something I take lightly; my husband Jon and I live it every day and know full well what first responders go through to keep us safe. Our public safety has been able to keep up with growth and keep response times low.  During my time on council, we have been firmly committed to public safety – investing in the Pinnacle Peak Public Safety Facility, investing in police and fire staffing and recruitment, and supporting our internal ambulance service and innovative community para-medicine program. I will continue supporting public safety, it will always be my top priority.

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Preserve open space

We must preserve our open space to ensure smart development and protect Peoria’s unique character.  We must save our pristine desert spaces, such as mountain peaks and other geographic landmarks, to ensure they are preserved for future generations.  It is also no secret that open space increases property values and helps make our city a premier destination for high-quality development. Our 25 miles of trails, connectivity, and how they are integrated is a top priority and became a significant part of our Peoria identity. 

Improve transportation

Transportation is the lifeblood of our economy and critical to moving people, goods, and services throughout our community.  During my time on council, we have improved transportation including building the Happy Valley Bridge, funded improvements to 67th Ave, built the Jomax interchange, bike lanes and strategic traffic signals to help reduce congestion.  I supported the addition of a new Park and Ride facility and POGO, Peoria’s very own circulator. We must continue to invest in transportation to keep up with growth and ensure that our families can travel safely from home to school, work, church, little league, or any other destination.  

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Ensure responsible growth

The population of Peoria has grown by almost 70% in the past 20 years. With the current population at 191,000 citizens we need to keep up with growth and make sure that public safety can be there when we need them most. We have worked to ensure responsible growth through a public process and design standards that keep our city an attractive place to live with well-maintained public amenities throughout the city. In Peoria, water conservation is a way of life. Peoria actively protects and preserves its varying water supply through aquifer recharge, direct reuse of reclaimed water for landscaping and other non-drinking water demands, as well as planning and building reliable water infrastructure. Commitment to responsible growth maintains our high quality of life and protects property values.

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