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Binsbacher Qualifies for Peoria Mayor – Resigns from City Council

Mesquite Councilmember announces resignation (as required by law) to her fellow councilmembers: “Being elected and trusted multiple times to serve the citizens of Peoria is truly the highest honor.”

PEORIA (April 4, 2022) – Bridget Binsbacher announced today that she has filed 2,951 signatures and all other required disclosures to qualify for election to serve as the next Mayor of Peoria, Arizona. As required by “resign to run” laws, Binsbacher also officially announced her resignation from the Peoria City Council representing the Mesquite District because she is not in the final year of term.

In her formal resignation letter to Mayor Cathy Carlat and the Peoria City Council, Binsbacher wrote, “I have served on this council for more than seven years and I am proud of all we have accomplished. It has been my great honor to work with every one of you. We have worked respectfully and cohesively to serve the citizens of Peoria with many successes to show for it.”

Over the last seven years, Bridget explains that she and her fellow councilmembers have “(H)eld the line on taxes and achieved a triple AAA bond rating. Peoria is safe and public safely remains a top priority. We also have outstanding city services and programs, amazing parks and trails, and a plan to make the most of every drop of water in our city. Last, but certainly not least, we are positioned to bring economic development opportunities to our city that will be worth the wait.”

Binsbacher announced her bid for Mayor in September of 2021 and has racked up an impressive list of local support including current Mayor Cathy Carlat, Vice Mayor Bill Patena, Councilmember Mike Finn, Councilmember Vicki Hunt, and former Mayors Bob Barrett and John Keegan. She is also supported by former Governor Jan Brewer, Arizona Icon Jerry Colangelo, the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona, as well as local business owners and community leaders. In addition, she recently added impressive list of seven West Valley Mayors supporting her bid including the leaders of Avondale, Buckeye, Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Tolleson, Wickenburg, and Youngtown.

“Peoria is headed in the right direction, but there is much work to do to take our city to the next level. I will focus on staying ahead of the growth with public safety services, critical infrastructure, quality service and planning, and cultivating relationships at all levels…The time is now and as Peoria’s next Mayor, I will take us there,” said Binsbacher.

Binsbacher was originally elected to serve on Peoria City Council in 2015 and was re-elected in 2016 and 2020. During her time as an elected official, she has served two terms as Vice Mayor and has fought hard for fiscal responsibility, accountability, balanced budgets, and no tax increases. Binsbacher explained, “Being elected and trusted multiple times to serve the citizens of Peoria is truly the highest honor. I thank the citizens for trusting me to represent them. I thank the leadership team and staff for your hard work and commitment to Peoria’s citizens. Our work is, and will always be, for the people of Peoria we serve and represent.”

Binsbacher concluded, “Even though I am stepping off council, I will remain deeply committed and engaged with our city over the next seven months. I wish you the best and thank you for the tremendous honor it has been to work together. I look forward to seeing you all on the other side of this election as Peoria’s next Mayor and servant leader.”

About Bridget Binsbacher

Bridget Binsbacher has lived in the Northwest Valley for more than three decades dedicating her time to public and community service. She has been recognized as a respected leader in both the public sector and professionally. She serves as the Executive Director of the Arizona Cactus League Baseball Association supporting Spring Training, which is one of Arizona and Peoria’s largest economic drivers.

Bridget has been recognized as 2021 AzBusiness Leaders – Top Five Tourism Leaders of Arizona, 2019 AzBusiness Leaders – Most Influential Women in Arizona, and 2016 Arizona Who’s Who – Top Five Women in Business Leaders of Arizona. She is also a Paul Harris Fellow recipient and a West Valley 24 Mover and Shaker.

She has more than 20 years of professional experience in the finance industry with a wealth of knowledge in operations management, sales management, and business development. Bridget joined the Peoria Diamond Club as a Board member in 2006 and led the organization to new heights after being named Executive Director in 2008.

Bridget Binsbacher has utilized her business background and commitment to public service to bring trust, honesty, and conservative principles to the Peoria City Council. She has fought hard to hold the line on property taxes, promote fiscal responsibility, improve public safety, collaborate with citizens to build Paloma Park, and improve the overall quality of life throughout Peoria. Regionally, Bridget has also represented Peoria on Maricopa Association of Governments Transportation Policy and Human Services Committees.

In 2021, she joined the Arizona Municipal Water Association’s Board of Directors. She also serves her community by volunteering with charitable organizations, currently serving on the Peoria Education Foundation, and previously with the Alzheimer’s Association and Peoria Chamber of Commerce. Her husband, Jon, is a fire captain and paramedic for the Daisy Mountain Fire Department. They live in Peoria and have four children.

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