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Binsbacher Backed by Seven Additional West Valley Mayors

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

A coalition of current Mayors representing cities and towns in the West Valley join

current Peoria Mayor Cathy Carlat in supporting Bridget Binsbacher’s campaign for Mayor

PEORIA (February 23, 2022) – Bridget Binsbacher has added a remarkable number of West Valley mayors to her long list of supporters for her mayoral campaign in Peoria today. Seven Mayors including the leaders of Avondale, Buckeye, Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Tolleson, Wickenburg, and Youngtown join the current and two previous mayors of Peoria in support of the current Mesquite Councilmember Binsbacher. With all seven mayors currently serving in office, it’s clear that there is a strong belief that Binsbacher is the best pick for regional cooperation. Endorsements include:

  • Avondale Mayor Kenn Weise

  • Buckeye Mayor Eric Orsborn

  • Goodyear Mayor Joe Pizzillo

  • Litchfield Park Mayor Thomas L. Schoaf

  • Tolleson Mayor Juan F. Rodriguez

  • Youngtown Mayor Michael LeVault

  • Wickenburg Mayor Rui Pereira

Avondale Mayor Kenn Weise said, “The West Valley is booming because we have a group of mayors who have worked well together on key issues such as economic development, transportation, healthcare, and public safety. Certainly, we compete for projects, but we also recognize that the success of one city helps all of the cities around it. Bridget Binsbacher understands this and will bring a collaborative approach not only to her council, but to the broader region. Her business experience as well as her regional expertise through the Cactus League make her uniquely qualified to be the next Mayor.”

“Both Buckeye and Peoria are firmly committed to protecting open space and improving our quality of life. I look forward to working with Bridget Binsbacher to share best practices and partnerships when it comes to parks, trails, and outdoor recreation. Also, I can say as a former member of the City Council prior to serving as Mayor, experience on the council gives her a leg up and will allow her to hit the ground running as Mayor,” explained Buckeye Mayor Eric Orsborn, “I support Bridget Binsbacher for Peoria Mayor and look forward to continuing the strong regional relationship between all of the cities throughout the entire region.”

“Investment in a well-connected transportation system that can move people, goods, and services is essential to the long-term economic growth of the entire region. As a member of the Transportation Policy Committee, Bridget Binsbacher has been a regional leader in supporting quality transportation and fought hard to ensure that the West Valley got its fair share of infrastructure investment. She has shown solid leadership and I look forward to working with her,” stated Goodyear Mayor Joe Pizzillo.

Thomas L. Schoaf, Mayor of Litchfield Park, said, “Bridget Binsbacher has been a conservative voice for smart spending and fiscal responsibility. She brings a balanced approach to governing and will work well with other cities throughout the region to strengthen our local economy, improve transportation, and protect our quality of life. She has put in the work and has earned our support.”

“From her experience with Maricopa Association of Governments, Bridget Binsbacher understands the importance of regional cooperation when it comes to economic development, transportation, and quality of life,” stated Tolleson Mayor Juan F. Rodriguez, “From my professional experience, I can also say that she completely understands the critical role that recreation, parks, and public involvement play in the long-term success of our community. I am proud to give her my support.”

“I am proud to represent the West Valley and work with so many leaders who are in it for the right reasons. Bridget Binsbacher is one of those people. Like me, she is a proven fiscal conservative, and she is committed to good policy and collaboration. Our community is headed in the right direction and Bridget Binsbacher will make sure it stays that way. I give her my support,” declared long-time Youngtown Mayor, Michael LeVault.

Wickenburg Mayor Rui Pereira said, “From my time on the town council and now as Mayor, it is clear to me that success at the local level is a group achievement, not an individual achievement. The same goes for the region – when cities and towns can work together, the entire community can succeed. Bridget Binsbacher understands this and brings the right mix of business and government experience to the role of Mayor. Like me, she has learned the importance of working with others and will bring that skillset to strengthen the region. I am happy to give her my support.”

Councilmember Bridget Binsbacher concluded, “I am overwhelmed by the amount of support I have received from the dedicated and accomplished West Valley Mayors, past and present. Every single one of these mayors knows first-hand what it takes to hold this position, and I am honored that they believe in me and in my campaign to be Peoria’s next mayor. I can’t express my gratitude enough for the amount of support I have received from this amazing group of mayors, and I pledge to continue the strong sense of regional cooperation that has helped the West Valley grow and experience unmatched success.”

About Bridget Binsbacher

Bridget Binsbacher has lived in the Northwest Valley for more than three decades dedicating her time to public and community service. Bridget was elected to serve on the Peoria City Council in March of 2015 and re-elected in 2016 and 2020. As an elected official, she has served two terms as Vice Mayor and has fought hard for fiscal responsibility, accountability, balanced budgets, and no tax increases.

Bridget Binsbacher has been recognized as a respected leader in both the public sector and professionally. She serves as the Executive Director of the Arizona Cactus League Baseball Association supporting Spring Training, which is one of Arizona and Peoria’s largest economic drivers. Bridget has been recognized as 2021 AzBusiness Leaders – Top Five Tourism Leaders of Arizona, 2019 AzBusiness Leaders – Most Influential Women in Arizona, and 2016 Arizona Who’s Who – Top Five Women in Business Leaders of Arizona. She is also a Paul Harris Fellow recipient and a West Valley 24 Mover and Shaker.

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