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As your Peoria Mayor, Bridget will focus on the issues that matter most…..
Continue commitment to respectful conservative values, fiscal accountability and transparency.
Ensure well funded and equipped public safety services that keep up with our fast growing communities.
Demand responsible growth through the public process to protect our quality of life, preservation of open space, balanced amenities and overall property values.
Elevate Peoria to guarantee our citizens are well represented on local and regional issues like economic development, sustainable water management, transportation and other critical infrastructure. 

Get Involved!

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Putting Her Experience
to Work

Bridget Binsbacher has lived in the Northwest Valley for more than three decades dedicating her time to public and community service.  Bridget was elected to serve on the Peoria City Council in March of 2015 and re-elected in 2016 and 2020.  As an elected official, she has served two terms as Vice Mayor and has fought hard for fiscal responsibility, accountability, balanced budgets, and no tax increases.

Bridget Binsbacher has been recognized as a respected leader in both the public sector and professionally.  She serves as the Executive Director of the Arizona Cactus League Baseball Association supporting Spring Training, which is one of Arizona and Peoria’s largest economic drivers. 



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